Streeshakti is a felicitator for Global Women Forum in India. The GLOBAL WOMEN FORUM, Singapore is an interactive forum of women from different streams and countries flowing together to contribute their thoughts and voices to create a just and equitable society.

The Objectives of Stree Shakti - The Parallel Force

Inter-linking various forces - NGOs, educational institutes, writers, artists, journadtsts, performers, women's groups & activities for gender equality.
Interfacing with the corporate world.
Networking with grassroots-level and national level women leaders.
Bringing women's health issue centre stage and highlight community participations.

Stree Shakti Awards

Dayawati Modi Stree Shakti Samman is an award in the memory of an extraordinary woman. The award is established by women, for women and is about women. The award is presented annually to a woman who has dared to dream and has the capability to translate that dream into reality
Streeshaktio Science Samman is to honour a woman scientist who has provided an original contribution to Science in India, with research of high quality which is relevant and beneficial to society.
Vidushi Viddyottma Streeshakti Samman

South Asia Forum for Aged Women - SAFAW

Stree Shakti - The Parallel Force envisages taking the SAFAW initiative to other countries in South Asia.
The following is a vision of events and activities to strengthen the South Asia network and give the issue of ‘Women and Ageing’ a greater voice:

  • Collaborate with countries such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Singapore and Thailand to form a stronger South Asia Forum
  • Identify innovation of services provided or policy implementation to help elderly women in these countries and document them as good practices
  • Host Round Table Meetings in, Nepal, Bangkok and Singapore to begin interface with China to take the issue of women and ageing beyond South Asia and build an interface with China
  • Organize a Photographic Exhibition of “Women and Ageing in South Asian Countries” to raise awareness and advocate for their cause
  • Disseminate the findings of the work done by all the countries represented in the South Asia Forum in the next IFA conference to be held in Brisbane, Australia, 2016.