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This book contextualizes the experience of women in India from the earliest recorded times to the mid-20th century. We have compiled in one book the histories of women through the centuries, of all faiths, castes and communities. Today's women in India have a need to be aware of the experiences and the achievements of their foremothers, stories not always recorded in conventional texts. To fill this gap, we document individual women, whether well known or little known, whose lives have contributed to the identity and concerns of Indian womanhood. Living women have not been included as they are still making history. The focus is on making women visible and creating public awareness of the positive role that woman have played in the socio-economic and cultural life of India. It is true that absolute justice to all women in these periods cannot be done, but we have tried to make this collection as comprehensive and authentic as possible.
First Edition – 1999     Second Edition – 2009
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